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An Aspiring Musician, Songwriter, UI/UX/Web Designer

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Hi! I am Libny Kattapuram, an aspiring musician, Web/UI/UX Designer & Developer residing at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I live on "True courage is pursuing your dream, even when everyone else says it's impossible."

Presenting you here some spiritual songs to inspire, uplift, provoke thought, stir the heart, spirit and soul, and which also offer hope and encourage in moments of feeling down, as well as encouraging self-empowerment. I believe that gospel songs are powerful instruments used by God in regener­ating human hearts. They have power to subdue rude and uncultivated natures; power to quicken thought and to awaken sympathy, to promote harmony of action, and to banish the gloom and foreboding that destroy courage and weaken effort. May these songs be a blessing to you.

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Libny Kattapuram

I Create Music with Passion

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Soulful Melodies

Songs Written & Composed

  • Prakkalepol Naam Parannedum
  • Kaahalam Dwanicheedarai
  • Prathyasha Onnundu
  • Vaanaviravil Karthan Vannidum
  • Yeshusannidhi Ethramodame
  • Vishudharin Aaradhanayil
  • Njanum Vannangu
  • Ella Navum Padi Vazthum
  • Triyeka Daivame
  • Prthyashayin Thazvarayil
  • Nin Krooshil Allathe
  • Sthothram Sthothram
  • Karunyavanam En Daivame
  • Aasrayikkunnu
  • Impangalin Parudeesayathil
  • Sainyangalude Yehova
  • Than Mahimasannidhyil
  • Paradeshiyai Paaril
  • Kannuneer Thukumbol
  • Anthyam Vareyum
  • Nandhiyal Vazhthidum Njan